2-5 March 2017: Don’t Believe the Hype

2-5 March 2017: Don’t Believe the Hype

The Premiere Classe Tuileries et Paris sur Mode Tuileries trade shows have now closed their gates whilst confirming their leading position as key economic players of Paris Fashion Week.


yannick-roudier_blogger-lyloutte-lydie_marquevetement_costard-dadadianeducasse_marqueacessoire_boucledoreilles-ejingzhangA new segmentation of both accessories and ready-to-wear offers

The Tuileries trade shows have carried out important changes by distinguishing a clearer layout concept of accessories for Premiere Classe Tuileries, and ready-to-wear for Paris sur Mode Tuileries.

Each trade show has not only presented a visual identity but also their own exhibition spaces thanks to the launch of a new tent for Paris sur Mode Tuileries, at the Place de la Concorde, which doubled the overall exhibition area.


As noted by the brand Edward Achour who leaves this season with an optimistic attitude:“the move of Paris sur Mode Tuileries is a nice surprise. The arrangement is more qualitative, fluid and a better meeting place for buyers.”

This new layout has not only provided ready-to-wear labels with an ideal exhibition location but also has enriched the global fashion offer thanks to the significant increase of exhibition space. Paris sur Mode Tuileries also welcomes exhibitors from the American trade show Capsule, a lifestyle selection from Don’t Believe the Hype, as well as the pop-up store Front de Mode and a remarkable exhibition by the International Fashion and Photography Festival of Hyères.  


The trade show will open its doors on Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th.

Rendez-vous next March Place de la Concorde at the entrance of the Jardin des Tuileries for Don't Believe the Hype within the new ready-to-wear Paris sur Mode Tuileries trade show!  

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